We’re outdoorsmen & women who appreciate stories and information that's geared to inspire us and keep us engaged in life. Whether at work, at play, in the boardroom or on the mountain, every day comes at us full force. It’s part of the story in which we find ourselves. There’s lots of ground to cover. And our assignment is to help you cover it.



Outdoor and indoor gear. From everyday carry accessories to hard core "dont-go-into-the-wild-without-it" stuff. We strive to offer gear that's tough, functional and of course looks cool.

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We're always in the process of finding great gear to offer. There's more to come. Thanks for your patience. Check it out.

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Snippets, snack size stories, videos, sound bites and more. Some long, some short, some serious, some crazy to outrageous. Commonsense stuff that may or may not jive with you.


Check out our reads. Chronicles offer an assortment of kick-in-the-pants advice, stories, and some common everyday horse sense.

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Lots of great causes out there to join and we don’t have a problem throwing them a rope on a normal basis. We like being part of the solution and support a number of non-profits the best way we can.

One Warm Coat

We donate a portion of your purchase to an organization that provides the less fortunate with something as simple as a coat to protect them from the elements.

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